Roy Alame Leadership Spotlight

Roy Alame

From the very beginning of his career in the financial services field, Roy Alame has demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities. A resident of Raleigh, North Carolina, Roy is an executive private wealth advisor with an industry-leading financial firm called Gate Key Financial. As a wealth advisor, he is tasked with providing insights and asset management for his clients, including some of the wealthiest corporate executives in the North Carolina region. When he is not advising his clients on wealth and retirement funding strategies, he can be found providing his expertise to the next generation of financial services professionals as an educator and mentor.

Education and Early Career Experience

Roy Alame is a strong believer in formal education and developed his passion for the financial field in his undergraduate studies. In 2003, he participated in a Diversity Studies program at the University of California at Berkeley. After completing the program at Berkeley, he was accepted to Northern Illinois University to complete his undergraduate degree. The university, located in DeKalb, Illinois, is known for its rigorous business coursework. Roy graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in financial services and economics. As he had demonstrated in his undergraduate coursework, Mr. Alame was an active leader of several student groups.

Upon graduation from Northern Illinois, Roy Alame joined the team of a capital investments firm called Spyglass Capital in Provo, Utah. Here, as a national accounts manager, he honed the asset management skills he had learned in his undergraduate program. This real-world experience would prove to be beneficial for his future and gave him a deep understanding of complex financial issues.

During his time as a national accounts manager, Roy began coursework at the Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, eventually earning a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in 2016. Currently, he is working toward another advanced degree, this time in a Masters of Accounting program, at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Professional Experiences and Leadership

Roy Alame has held many roles in the financial field. In addition to his work at Spyglass Capital in Utah, Roy spent several years as a portfolio manager and financial planner for an investment company in the Chicagoland metro area. He was responsible for leading a team of planners and underwriters; through his leadership, the portfolio he managed gained significant annual growth during the years he was involved with the firm. He handled the estates of over 200 high net worth executives, who valued Roy’s contributions and insights.

At Spyglass Capital, Roy managed national accounts. He worked directly with major vendors in the United States by developing powerful investment strategies based on emerging needs. Both his clients and his coworkers sought his expertise time and again; Roy’s leadership style is one of a democratic model where he seeks the input of others before making important decisions. The team working with him knew him to be a capable leader – one not afraid of differing opinions or courses of action. With him at the helm, Spyglass clients were rewarded with investment solutions tailored to their needs, ultimately positioning them for success well into the future.

Leadership in Education

Roy Alame is a strong believer in the future and supports this belief by sharing his experience and insights with the next generation of financial services professionals. As a natural leader, Roy is an ideal candidate to provide educational opportunities for young professionals. Over the past decade, Roy has served as an Adjunct Professor at Utah Valley University in the Finance and Economics department. In 2019, he was selected to lead Triangle Financial Academy, an educational organization that is dedicated to fostering financial literacy among America’s youth. Roy continues to provide strong leadership at Triangle Academy as he helps young people develop the skills they will need to manage their wealth.