Jonathan Ullmer, MBE Leadership Spotlight


Jonathan P. Ullmer

Jonathan Ullmer, MBE, has been teaching for more than 30 years. As Founding Director of Education and Principals for CATS College, he has devoted his academic and professional career to improving students' educational experience and opportunities. As Founding Director, his excellent leadership brought two schools from an "unsatisfactory" rating to an "excellent" rating. In fact, the UK Inspectors described his leadership style as "outstanding." Throughout his career, Jonathan has received numerous awards and has been published in various periodicals.

Academic History 

Jonathan studied the English language at prestigious colleges, including Durham and Oxford Universities. He received a Distinction in Teaching Practice before receiving a master's degree from the University of Victoria in Canada.  Further, he has received other diplomas and designations from various other academic institutions.

Teaching Career 

Jonathan began his teaching career at the Swanley School in Kent in 1985. After teaching English and Drama for four years, he became the Arts Director at Cecil Jones High School 11-18 Foundation School. He remained in this position for over a decade before accepting a job as an Assistant Principal at a school in Essex in 2002.

Jonathan transitioned his career to higher education in 2008 when he accepted a role as Vice-Principal of CATS College in Cambridge. He became principal of CATS Canterbury in 2010. The main goal of the CATS education system is to help international students succeed at the university level by providing English language instruction.

Jonathan has flourished in his career at CATS, where he successfully implemented the transition of the CATS Canterbury University Foundation Programme. This programme regularly sends students to top universities and is now offered in all three UK colleges.

In 2017, Jonathan Ullmer became Headmaster of Haileybury Astana in the capital of Kazakhstan. He personally led the school to their first COBIS inspection heading up significant reviews of the curriculum and assessment, setting in process mentoring programmes to enhance performance, improving teaching about Kazakh culture and prepared the school for accreditation by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) which are key components of being able to offer globally-recognized and certified American graduation diplomas.

Jonathan prepared the COBIS documentation and a variety of initiatives in leadership awards, policy review, safeguarding and security which led to COBIS grading the school as having outstanding international practice in 17 out of 19 categories.

Jonathan also led the work which resulted in the school winning two awards for its leadership programmes and its shortlisting for an award by the U.K. Times Educational Supplement.

Achievements and Publications 

Jonathan has enjoyed a highly successful career in international education. From heading an international school in Canterbury to developing new policies at CATS Colleges, he is committed to preparing students to succeed in life. In addition to spearheading many new policies and programs, he has implemented development plans for CATS Boston, London, Cambridge, and Canterbury.

In addition, Jonathan is a published author. Since 1987, his work has appeared in periodicals, books, and magazines. His drama "History Comes Alive!" previously appeared in the Kent Education Gazette, and he authored two books published that were published by Moorley.

Community Work 

In addition to his successful teaching career, Jonathan plays an active role in his community. His community work includes leadership positions with various schools, churches, and organizations in the greater Southend area. Most notably, he led the Trustees of Southend counseling service for several years, leading to significant growth.

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