Hart Koller - Madison, MS - Profiles in Leadership

Hart Koller
With over 20 years of experience in the computer technology sales field, Hart Geary Wineman Koller has been known for her business acumen and for her leadership qualities. Ms. Koller is adept at mastering new sales strategies, and as a team leader, she has been instrumental in meeting or exceeding sales goals. She is also well-known for her leadership in animal rescue; as the founder of the Rescue Revolution of Mississippi, Hart Koller has helped hundreds of animals find new homes throughout the state of Mississippi and beyond.

Background and Education

Hart Wineman and niece
Born in the Mississippi Delta region, Hart Koller spent her youth in and around the community of Greenville, MS. She graduated in 1996 from St. Joseph High School in Greenville, then enrolled at Belhaven College in the state’s capital region of Jackson. Ms. Koller completed her undergraduate coursework in 2001, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and being recognized as magna cum laude in her graduating class.

In her classwork and in her role volunteering for animal rescue organizations in the Jackson area, Ms. Koller’s natural leadership abilities stood out. She was able to assist with streamlining operations in the animal shelters she worked with by identifying specific needs, then rallying other volunteers to create solutions. Her classmates looked up to her for insights on how to manage coursework as well. In all, these early roles were only a glimpse into Hart Wineman’s potential as a leader.

Leadership in Business

Upon graduation from Belhaven College, Hart Koller accepted a position at the international headquarters of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society in Jackson, MS. The Honor Society has a long list of distinguished alumni, including business leaders, influential scientists, and political figures. Ms. Koller served as an administrative assistant, balancing myriad responsibilities within the organization. 

In 2005, Ms. Koller got the opportunity to join the outside sales team for Oce’ Imagistics and Toshiba Business Solutions. Her background in business administration was valuable in this role, but more importantly, she was able to leverage her leadership abilities to benefit the sales teams in these companies. 

After pursuing another career path for several years, Hart Koller returned to technology sales in 2014 for CSpire. As a Sales Solution Advocate, Ms. Koller’s leadership and mastery of innovative sales practices saw her being recognized time and again for her achievements. At CSpire, she was awarded the Presidential Award in 2019. She also collected numerous monthly and quarterly sales representative awards at the company during her tenure there. 

Leadership in Animal Rescue and Animal Safety Advocacy

Most of the world’s great leaders exhibit multiple leadership styles. Hart Geary Koller is no exception. She possesses several styles, each suiting a unique aspect or application in her career and personal interests. Perhaps her most dominant trait is a combination of two other styles: visionary leadership and transformational leadership. 

As a visionary leader, Hart Koller identified a need for a new type of animal rescue organization. Her background in volunteering at animal shelters, including her role as Shelter Manager for The Madison Ark, influenced her decision to forge her own path. 

In 2014, Ms. Koller founded the Rescue Revolution of Mississippi. The organization’s goal is to help neglected and abused animals find new homes, both in Mississippi and in neighboring states. Prior to her establishment of the organization, the state lacked such a group. Hart’s visionary leadership brought the organization to life. She currently serves as a volunteer Vice President for the group’s Board of Directors.

Transformational leadership is another characteristic of Ms. Koller’s skillset. Closely related to visionary leadership, a transformational leader analyzes current conditions to identify needs, then develops solutions to meet those needs. Rescue Revolution of MS is the culmination of that solution-developing process; Ms. Koller and her team worked diligently to address the needs of abused and neglected animals. Through her leadership, hundreds of animals have found the care and love they deserve in new homes.