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Anthony Simon Houston Football Game
Simon and friends enjoying a Houston Texans game (2019)

Throughout his life, Karl Anthony Simon PA-C has exhibited the classic hallmarks of leadership. In his educational journey, his athletic career, and his professional life, Anthony has been a valuable member of every organization with which he has been aligned. 

To pursue his goals, Karl Simon applied a combination of passion, drive, and leadership to achieve the successes he enjoys. Today, as a Physician Assistant (PA-C) in the greater Houston area of Texas, Simon continues to demonstrate leadership both in his professional and personal lives.

Houston Athletics Leadership

Anthony Simon is a native of Houston, Texas, and his extended family is from southwestern Louisiana. Sports were an important part of his upbringing and his life; as a Houston native, he and his family are dedicated Houston Astros and Texans fans. Anthony is an active outdoorsman, enjoying hunting and fishing with his wife and three children. 


Together, they have traveled to some of the most exotic sportfishing destinations in the world, including spots in Belize, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and Louisiana. From the age of seven, he has been a waterfowl hunter, targeting game birds like ducks and geese on the Texas coast and in Louisiana. He still enjoys waterfowl hunting to this day. Anthony is also an avid golfer, although his busy work life keeps him away from the links more than he prefers.



At an early age, he participated in sports with his peers and with his family. Anthony started playing baseball at the age of three. At Clements High School in Sugar Land, Texas, he was on the varsity baseball team. His achievements here earned him a full academic scholarship to San Jacinto College. For two years, he was an integral part of the San Jacinto team; in 2003, the team secured a berth to the Collegiate Baseball World Series in Grand Junction, Colorado. 

Academic All-American

Karl and his team were finally eliminated in the series championship game. Despite the loss, he was selected as a 2003 Academic-All American. Anthony was known throughout his team as a leader, particularly when adversity created challenges. He had an ability to rally his team around him, overcoming any challenges they might face. 

Physician Assistant Leadership

Dr Simon LSU Fan
LSU game 2019

Karl Simon PA attended San Jacinto College for two years. In 2003, he transferred to Houston Baptist University, where he completed his undergraduate education with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Biochemistry. Anthony’s academic achievements at Houston Baptist were enough to have him recognized as Magna Cum Laude in his graduating class.

University of Texas

After graduation, Anthony enrolled at the University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston to attend the Physician Assistant graduate program. In 2009, he graduated from the program, finishing in the top 5% of his class. While in the program, he wrote a research paper entitled “Lead Poisoning in Galveston Children”; this paper and the project it was associated with was selected as the Top Masters' Thesis Research Project in the 2009 graduating class. 

Physician Assistant Certifications

Dr. Karl Anthony Simon attained his certification as a professional Physician Assistant soon after completing the University of Texas Program. He also holds several professional certifications in lifesaving techniques, including:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)

To achieve such high marks in education requires a broad range of skills: the ability to apply oneself, the passion to delve deeply into subject matter, and a command of time management. In addition, Anthony served as a leader and mentor within his PA class; he was adept at helping his classmates tackle difficult aspects of their research projects. 

Professional Leadership in Diverse Healthcare Settings

Upon receiving his PA-C certification, Karl Simon wasted no time in his professional career and immediately began to work. His first job in his field was as a clinician for the Oakbend Medical Group/Fondren Orthopedic Group in Richmond, Texas. Anthony was tasked with both patient care and administrative duties; these differing aspects of clinic work necessitated that he balance the diverse needs of his patients and his coworkers. From assessing new and established patients to formulating diagnosis and treatment plans, analyzing lab results and diagnostic imaging, and performing procedures, Anthony was instrumental in achieving positive health outcomes for his many patients.

Clinical Director

In 2013, Simon was selected at the Clinic Director of the Ageless Men’s Health clinic in Sugar Land, Texas. A Clinic Director must be a leader, and he was well-suited to this role. Anthony worked in direct patient care, assessing and diagnosing patients as well as performing a range of routine procedures like injections and phlebotomy. In addition to his patient work, he was responsible for recruiting and training new clinic employees. He supervised two other employees at Ageless, once again demonstrating his strengths in the principles of leadership. Ageless is a prominent clinic in the Sugar Land area, and as PA Clinic Director, he had numerous managerial duties to attend to. He oversaw day-to-day operations of the clinic, managed inventory and monthly financial aspects, and ordered supplies and medications as needed. He left Ageless in 2014, but returned in 2019 as a part-time healthcare provider, performing many of the same patient-oriented duties.

ED Medical Leadership

Between 2015 and 2019, Anthony’s physician assistant career shifted toward emergency patient care. In 2015, he joined the team of the Coon Memorial Emergency Department (ED) in Dalhart, Texas, where he was the sole ED provider at a rural critical access hospital. Here, he had to leverage his immense leadership skills, including that of democratic leadership where he worked closely with his team to make tough decisions that influenced the health outcomes of his patients. From analyzing lab results and diagnostic images to performing suturing, injections, and fracture reduction procedures, his leadership helped to improve the operation of the hospital facility while providing expert care to those who needed it most. 

Connect with Physician Assistant Karl Anthony Simon 

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PA Karl Simon continues to serve the health needs of child, adult, and geriatric patients in the Sugar Land/Katy/Houston region of Texas. He is ready to take on new challenges and looks forward to improving the lives of others. Connect with Simon on Facebook to learn more.