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Eric T. Landis founder of Rivel Consulting LLC
As a business leader, an entrepreneur, and a financial services expert, Eric T. Landis is called upon to help others gain success. Mr. Landis embodies many of the qualities of famous leaders, giving him the ability to shape the future for his clients and business interests alike. Eric is the founder and managing partner of Rivel Consulting LLC, a private equity and investment analysis company headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. Eric has collected numerous talents and experiences throughout his career, and uses those experiences to provide guidance and leadership for companies on a global scale.

Leadership Traits

Landis is a graduate of Duke University. During his undergraduate education, Eric was an active member of several academic clubs, and he was also a member of the school’s varsity swim team. In each of these roles, Eric exhibited leadership traits that would influence his education and his later career achievements. Eric was known as a natural leader; on the swim team, younger team members often sought his insights and guidance. He is a democratic leader – one who cultivates the input of other team members before making decisions. By carefully balancing the team’s goals with the needs of each team member, he was able to all but ensure success in competition.

Democratic leadership is also a trait that Eric used to his advantage once he entered the business field. As a marketing and research representative for a large information technology leasing firm in Australia, Eric had the opportunity to work with a large group of representatives. Here, his leadership stood out. With his ability to collect input from numerous players, he was able to make important decisions about market entry plans and lease agreement structures. The results were impressive: in his first year, his efforts netted the company an additional $40 million in revenue.

Later career experiences also put the democratic leadership trait through its paces. At various points in his career, Eric managed large teams of credit analysts, property developers, and marketing professionals. In each of these cases, Eric’s leadership helped the companies he was working for to capitalize on emerging markets, thus improving revenue streams. He became recognized for his broad skill base, and was ready to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

Business Leadership

Another trait found among today’s professionals is that of transformative leadership. This leadership trait or style is characterized by a person’s ability to identify a common problem, then create an atmosphere where solutions are developed. As the founder of Rivel Consulting, Eric recognized that private equity firms do not always engage in rigorous research before funding business projects. He recognized this as a problem within the financial investments field.

To overcome this perceived problem, he assembled a team of like-minded professionals, including tax analysts, attorneys, and accountants for his new firm. This team is able to delve deeply into business opportunities, gaining insights that allowed the firm to make smart investment decisions. Since the firm’s founding in 1996, it has provided funding and investment strategies for many companies both in the United States and abroad. Eric’s leadership skills continue to serve him well, and he looks forward to new challenges in his career. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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