Greg W. Anderson, Balanced Financial Inc. - Profiles in Leadership

CEO of Balanced Financial Greg Anderson

For over 30 years, Greg W. Anderson has helped thousands of people create retirement financing roadmaps that ensure a comfortable future.

As the founder and CEO of Balanced Financial, Inc., a full-services financial planning firm in Fort Collins, Colorado, Greg has been instrumental in helping others.

Greg is a natural leader, an educator, and a person who possesses vast amounts of knowledge about the finance industry. His leadership skills have led him to launch numerous successful business ventures over the years, and he is continually in search of new opportunities.

Greg makes his home in the Fort Collins area, where he can be found providing guidance and leadership to his company as well as a prominent non-profit organization called the Downtown Club.

Leadership Traits of Greg Anderson

Like many successful leaders, Greg Anderson uses several discrete leadership traits to achieve his goals in life. It can be said that Greg’s leadership is an amalgam of several styles, each providing aspects that benefit him, his companies, and those around him.

By blending leadership styles, he has been able to achieve numerous successes as an entrepreneur and as a community-oriented leader.

Inspirational Leadership

The first of Greg’s traits is that of inspirational leadership. An inspirational leader is one who is able to develop a belief system that others buy into – and can be found in the business world as well as many other industries and practices. From the start of his company, Balanced Financial, Greg recognized that there was a lack of innovation in the financial services field.

His goal was to create a firm that offered highly-personalized services to clients and addressed the shortcomings found in traditional retirement planning. In short, he was inspired, and he was able to inspire those around him. Greg assembled a team of like-minded financial professionals, and Balanced Financial was launched.

Transformational Leadership

Greg’s inspirational leadership is also tied closely to the concept of transformational leadership. To be a transformational leader, one has to recognize a problem, then develop a solution to address that problem. This is, in essence, a transformation – overcoming a challenge or offering a new way of looking at time-honored problems.

Because many financial services firms offer one-size-fits-all solutions to their clients, there is sometimes a lack of flexibility and creativity in the financial industry. Greg transformed the retirement planning industry by recognizing that there had to be a better way forward. This way allows clients to take charge of their financial futures by providing a balance between retirement asset accrual and sustainable retirement income.

With the help of the team at his firm, Greg has become the industry’s leading voice in terms of focusing on income after retirement than simply locking away funds in inflexible retirement accounts.

Leadership in Business and in Community Service

Greg Anderson has launched several successful business ventures over the course of his career. His natural leadership traits have served him well, propelling him to achieve great things and helping to guide both business growth and efficient teamwork in his companies. He currently serves as the CEO of Balanced Financial, and this gives him the opportunity to positively affect people’s lives.

Education Advocate

His leadership doesn’t stop when he leaves work for the day. Greg has been an educator and an advocate for people throughout his career. He understands that many people struggle with the concepts and terms found in the financial field, and he believes that by educating others, he can unveil some of the mysteries behind investments and retirement planning.

Empowering Women

One of the unique services provided by his company is empowering women. Retirement planning for women differs than the plans typically designed for men. Women tend to live longer and may not have the financial literacy needed to thrive if their husband or partner were to die suddenly.

Women also tend to be more risk-averse than their male counterparts. Greg’s ability to identify a need in the industry, then to develop an elegant solution, has made him a leading light in the financial field.

Community Service

When he is not helping people plan for their retirements or guiding investments for clients, Greg Anderson can be found in service to his community.

He is the president of the Downtown Club of Fort Collins, a non-sectarian, non-profit organization that helps the disadvantaged by providing education and job-skills training. Greg is instrumental as the organization’s leader, helping shape the direction of the group and spearheading both fundraising and community outreach initiatives.

Greg is a natural leader, regardless of the environment, he is in. He is passionate about helping others attain a bright and successful future.