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Geoff Thompson SEC
(CHICAGO, IL) - Geoffrey Thompson is a financial services professional and entrepreneur with decades of experience in investment strategies, business startups, and retirement planning. He is the founder and CEO of Synergistic Life Services, a wealth advisory firm that helps clients achieve financial stability with a wide range of financial services. The firm is based in Chicago, Illinois.

He is also the Leader of Merger & Acquisitions for Covalent Collective of Colorado.

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His passion for business is backed by leadership traits that have set him apart from his peers in the investment management industry. Geoff is known for a highly personalized approach, guiding his clients and his hand-picked team of financial professionals to achieve success.

He embodies the attributes that make him a true leader and one who is highly sought-after for guidance and insight.

Geoff’s Leadership Traits

There are many types of leaders and just as many traits that signify leadership. Geoff’s leadership is a blend of several unique styles, each complementing the other. This blended leadership style has propelled him to incredible levels of success over the course of his career and have shaped the direction of his business ventures and his personal achievements.

By carefully studying the leadership habits of others, Geoff has developed his own style and his own attributes. He is a lifelong student of leadership, recognizing that any team needs careful nurturing and support only a true leader can provide.

The first leadership trait is one of transformational leadership. A transformational leader is a person who is able to identify a common problem, then develop solutions to overcome that problem – in effect, completing a transformation. Transformational leaders can be found in many industries and organizations; this leadership style is one that has propelled many such organizations to new levels of success.

In Geoff’s case, he identified a need for comprehensive financial planning services, especially those that center on retirement strategies and wealth preservation. He also became aware that many financial services firms used one-size-fits-all solutions, neglecting to address the unique needs, concerns, and financial goals of their clients.

Geoff’s own experiences in the financial sector prepared him to help others achieve financial freedom. By taking his own experiences to heart, he has identified a particular need – here, the need for retirement strategies that build and preserve wealth for future generations – and created a system by which his clients could achieve their own financial goals.

At Synergistic Life Services, the financial planning professionals and wealth advisors approach each client interaction with the personalized service those clients deserve – to do anything less would interfere with the firm’s carefully-honed service delivery. Personalized client care isn’t the only transformational process Geoff has implemented within his organization, however. He also recognized the need for specialized investment tools and strategies.

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With the development of proprietary financial products known as Horizon X and Horizon V, he has empowered his clients to manage their current investments while directing investment assets into tax-advantaged environments. In this way, asset value is preserved without the tax liabilities that often follow aggressive investment strategies.  He has transformed the lives and financial statuses of thousands of individuals, helping them to prepare for the future when they are no longer working.

Inspirational leadership is another trait that Geoff has used to great effect over the course of his career. An inspirational leader is one who is able to develop a team that believes in the same goals. He has inspired others with his financial expertise and a natural passion for creativity in the financial sector. At Synergistic Life Services, he has created a powerful team – going beyond retirement planning professionals to create an entirely new class of expert: the financial architect. A financial architect combines planning, strategizing, and guidance to help clients make informed decisions about their financial needs, both now and well into the future. Geoff is adept at inspiring others; his team was hand-picked for their commitment to service excellence as well as in innovative wealth management skills. Geoff has earned a reputation for being an inspiration to others, and in his work in the financial field, this inspiration has led his team to new heights of success.

When creating Synergistic Life Services, Geoff understood that too few people had a firm grasp on financial planning with retirement in mind. Breaking down complex financial concepts into information that is readily shared with others is the key to empowering individuals, allowing them to become invested in the long-term process of preparing for retirement. With his guidance and his expertise in building strong teams, he has been able to forge meaningful, long-term relationships with thousands of clients.

Entrepreneurial Skills

It is a testament to his leadership that Geoffrey Thompson has achieved incredible success throughout his career. His crowning achievement in this arena has been his founding and leadership of Synergistic Life Services, which has helped thousands of people set a course for their financial futures. By offering a wide range of services and innovative investment solutions, he has created peace of mind for his many clients. And, by providing each of those services in a uniquely personalized way, he has created an atmosphere of client care that many other financial services firms lack in their daily operations. Synergistic Life Services is known throughout the financial world as a leading light, shaping the way that firms do business with their own clients.

Geoff’s leadership extends past his work in the financial planning field. He excels in identifying new opportunities, then leveraging his talents to capitalize on emerging markets. For example, he has founded two prominent businesses in the commercial medical cannabis industry – an industry which is projected to reach $40 billion in sales by the year 2020.  In 2014, he launched Advantameds Solutions, an SEC verified company that establishes strategic partnerships with commercial distribution and cultivation operations in the U.S. and Canada.

His next venture was Doyen Elements International, Inc. (now Covalent Collective, Inc.), helping other medical cannabis operations navigate the complex regulatory and infrastructure environments they face with financial and investment guidance and industry best practices. Once again, Geoff’s leadership talents are on full display. The commercial cannabis industry can be seen as a frontier of sorts, with differing goals and differing methods of operating a business – some of which are unsustainable over the long term. To eliminate the guesswork and uncertain nature of this emerging industrial powerhouse, Geoff focuses on the lessons he has learned in the financial services industry, using time-honored money management approaches to make smart investment decisions. The result is a stable operating environment which is both sustainable and successful.

Here, as in all of his business operations, Geoff approaches every challenge with passion, growing businesses from the ground up with his leadership. He continues to seek out new opportunities, transforming industries and inspiring others to achieve new levels of success. Be sure to connect on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter to stay updated with ventures.

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