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Sebastian Guthery makes a monkey friend in Thailand

From an early age, entrepreneur and business leader Sebastian Guthery demonstrated a natural leadership talent. His work launching several lucrative business ventures is a testament to this leadership; without solid foundations of personal drive and the ability to look to the future, Sebastian would not have achieved the success he enjoys today.

Sebastian resides in San Diego, California, where he is involved with business management and advocacy work on a daily basis. He has launched several new ventures in 2017 alone, including a luxury car rental firm and an investment operation.

Sebastian’s Leadership Styles

Like many of today’s most influential leaders, Sebastian does not adhere to one leadership style; rather, his flexibility and experience in business is the product of blending several different styles. Each of these styles complements the others.

Primarily, Sebastian is best known as a transformational leader (such as Elon Musk). In the transformational style, a leader is able to identify a problem or something that needs to be changed. Then, he or she develops a solution to that problem, implements the change, and inspires others to complete the transformation.

In Sebastian’s case, he identified that the ethnobotanical retail industry was under attack from government regulators. As someone with over a decade of experience in the botanicals retail market, he knew that many misconceptions surrounded the use, importation, and safety of a number of natural herbal product from Southeast Asia.

Working closely with a small group of like-minded individuals, he not only shaped the future of his own business but created a powerful lobbying group in the process. In this way, he transformed the ethnobotanical industry, showing business owners and regulators the need to have a unified lobbying voice.

Inspirational leadership is another one of Sebastian’s key leadership traits. In this style, a leader brings together a group to work on a common goal. The leader is able to inspire others by getting them invested in the process, whether it is a new business venture, a process improvement, or a humanitarian cause.

Throughout his business career, Sebastian has been able to work with a wide range of people with different interests and goals. Through his ability to inspire others, he has been incredibly successful in getting others on board with his ideas, resulting in the launch and growth of several multi-million dollar business ventures.

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Autocratic vs. Democratic Leadership

Sebastian’s leadership traits take many forms. As illustrated above, he has demonstrated expertise in both transformational and inspirational leadership styles. In each of these styles, and in many other leadership roles, the concept of autocratic vs. democratic leadership bears scrutiny.

A democratic leader is one who seeks out the insights and experiences of others before making decisions. Some of the greatest leaders of our time used this technique to ensure that the decisions being made were in the best interests of the company or organization.

An autocratic leader, on the other hand, is one who may listen to others but is ultimately responsible for the decisions being made.

Sebastian has demonstrated skill in both of these styles. In launching several of his ventures over the years, he has had to work closely with others, gaining their insights and making informed decisions based on the feedback he was receiving.

At the same time, many tough decisions required him to forge ahead on his own. Sebastian knows that failure is potentially part of any business venture; being afraid to fail is simply not in his leadership DNA. When called upon to do so, Sebastian makes difficult, but smart, decisions that affect his company, his business future, and the future of the industries in which he works.

Sebastian embodies what it means to be a leader in today’s business world. By remaining flexible, looking to the future, and making smart decisions, he has positioned himself for continued success in years to come.

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