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Dennis Wong 2014 Yor Health ConferenceDennis Wong is an internationally-known business leader, entrepreneur, and purveyor of healthy lifestyle products. Dennis founded YOR Health in Irvine, California, in response to his own failing health. By taking charge of his own life, Dennis created a bright future for himself and for thousands of others around the globe. Today, the California-based company enjoys worldwide market penetration and success, thanks to Dennis’ expert leadership.

The Leadership Styles of Dennis Wong

Dennis Wong embodies two of the most important leadership styles: transformational and inspirational. Some of the greatest leaders of our time have combined styles to great success, helping to shepherd organizations toward incredible achievements. These blended leadership styles have guided and shaped the business ventures and entrepreneurial successes that Dennis has worked so hard for since founding YOR Health. In order to understand his blossoming into a transformational leader, it is important to learn a bit about his story before establishing YOR Health. After immigrating to the United States as a child, Dennis and his family struggled to make ends meet. His early life was devoid of creature comforts, and the future looked grim, not only for himself but for his loved ones. Despite overcoming some of the challenges he and his family faced, such as enrolling in college and completing a degree in electrical engineering, Dennis lacked a sense of direction in his life. He sought to make positive steps towards personal success, but had little guidance initially. By a stroke of luck, Dennis and his sister met a group of businessmen who would go on to mentor the pair. In just a few years and with the steady education and guidance of their mentors, the brother-and-sister team had made a small fortune in real estate and later in an Internet technology firm. Unfortunately, the long hours of work and personal demands took a toll on Dennis. Dennis had neglected his health on his way toward his early successes in business, and at the age of 40 was diagnosed with heart disease. Once he had spoken with his physician, he knew it was time for fundamental changes to his health and lifestyle – in essence, taking the reins of his life in hand and creating a new direction for himself. Dennis has always been open to learning from others. His natural curiosity and friendly disposition have led him to meet new people wherever he goes. When he met one of the cofounders of a nutritional supplements manufacturer and learned about the natural supplements industry, the seeds of change were sown. It is here that Dennis first exhibited his abilities as a leader.

What is a Transformational Leader?

A transformational leader is characterized by the ability to identify a common problem, then develop a solution to overcome that problem, thereby completing a transformation. In personal life or in business ventures, transforming something with an elegant solution is the hallmark of a true leader. YOR Health was the solution to the health problems plaguing people around the world, Dennis included. In fact, the company and its products served as the transformation for Dennis. In a very short time, he was healthier than ever before. Then, his natural leadership abilities took over and he began to transform others. Under his guidance, the company continues to develop innovative health and nutritional products that allow people to take charge of their own health. Dennis continues to share his story and his success with others, allowing them to create transformations in their own lives.

What is Inspirational Leadership?

In a similar vein, Dennis Wong is known for inspirational leadership. At the company he has built from the ground up, he has assembled a worldwide team of sales people, product developers, and YOR Health Promoters. Dennis’ passion for clean, natural living inspires others in the team as they formulate nutritional supplements and healthful products for the company. From humble beginnings, the company now enjoys a robust market share on a global scale. Inspirational leadership is critical for a forward-thinking business venture. Investing a work team with goals, then tackling the challenges as they present themselves, is part of the formula for success that Dennis has used throughout his professional business career.


Whether it is his leadership as an up-and-coming real estate mogul, his extensive and lucrative work in specialty Internet technology services, or his ever-growing nutritional empire, Dennis Wong and his leadership have proven time and again to be invaluable. As a leader, Dennis remains humble. He credits good fortune and hard work as keys to his success. Although he can qualify as a self-made success story, he shares his origin story with others in the hopes that they, too, may overcome the challenges they face as they reach for improved health and financial success. Dennis continues to seek out new challenges in his own life and to create inspiration in others by giving people the tools to make positive changes in their lives, business interests, and personal interaction with others.Learn more about Mr. Wong on his website


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