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Inventor and business leader Joseph E. Davis has enjoyed a long career filled with triumphs. From establishing technology companies to developing innovative products, he has demonstrated a keen leadership ability over the past 35+ years.

Davis lives and works in Morgan Hill, California, where he continues to consult with technology firms on matters of patents and patent infringements.

Leadership Traits

Joe Davis epitomizes two of the most common leadership styles: transformational and inspirational. Over his career in the technology industry, he has been awarded over 35 U.S. and foreign patents in a number of specialized fields.

Each patent came from identifying a problem, then developing a solution to overcome that problem. This is the key characteristic of transformational leadership – the process of discovering, then overcoming a challenge.
In Joe’s career, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the technology sector, such as Seagate, Maxtor, ISS Sperry-Univac, Atari, and SyQuest. Throughout his professional life, he has brought together teams that were able to create lasting solutions to everyday tech issues.

In 1999, Joe was responsible for co-founding Capella Photonics, Inc., a company that would eventually be sold to Alcatel-Lucent. He served as the company’s CEO and later as its Chairman before retiring in 2008. Although the company’s operations were sold, Capella retains the intellectual properties he co-developed during his tenure there.
Of particular interest in Joe’s impressive collection of patents is a wavelength-selective switch designed to increase Internet throughput speeds. This enabled online streaming video for the first time. Joe was co-inventor of this innovative technology.

He and his team anticipated the rise of streaming online video services, then set out to create an elegant solution that would facilitate streaming in a way that benefitted the end user dramatically.
Prior to his work with Capella Photonics, Joe was the co-founder of Quinta Corporation. Working as the company’s Vice President of Product Development, he put together a team that tackled data storage issues.

The result was a multi-disk storage device that combined the best aspects of magnetic and optical storage technologies. Joe’s leadership, combined with his ability to inspire others, was instrumental in developing this technology. Quinta was sold to data storage giant Seagate in 1997.

What Does it Take to be a Leader?

Joe’s career in the digital technology sector is one of innovation and problem-solving expertise. He knows, however, that coming up with new products and systems is only part of the equation. Being able to guide a team toward success takes a strong leader, and Joe has demonstrated that quality time and again. In each of his roles as a product developer, inventor, and business executive, he has created an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation.

Each member of his teams understood what needed to be addressed and carefully laid out the foundation to solve problems. Joe has an ability to inspire others around him; this ability has served him well, and each company he has worked with has been able to achieve unheard-of success.

Joe Davis' leadership extends far beyond his professional career. Since 2014, he has worked closely with charitable organizations in the Morgan Hill and Santa Clarita County regions of California. In addition to his hard work on behalf of the homeless, he has been a tireless advocate for homeless rights and safety concerns.

With his help, several government and non-profit organizations have established safe parking areas and legal campgrounds for homeless individuals and their families. He continues to provide his leadership and his expertise in solving problems, both for humanitarian efforts as well as further advances in technology.


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