Profiles in Leadership: Sonya Dudley

Sonya Dudley and Helen McFadden

Sonya Dudley is an internationally‐recognized motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and leader. She is a Diamond Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, managing a team of over 30,000 members scattered throughout the United States and into New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Sonya’s many talents are apparent in her speaking engagements. She has a natural leadership ability and an engaging personality, both of which work together to inspire and motivate people. Sonya believes in leading by example. In just five years, she has grown her Plexus team by helping others achieve their potential. 

Sonya’s Leadership Style 

Sonya Dudley does not fit into a neat leadership category. Rather, she combines elements of many leadership styles into her approach – styles like transformational, inspirational, autocratic, and democratic, just to name a few. Over her years as a sales professional and entrepreneur, she has discovered that flexibility is the key to continued success. 

As a transformational leader, Sonya identifies problems, then brings her team’s expertise to bear on that problem to develop a solution. She has served as a change agent in several business ventures, particularly in her work with Plexus. Because she has such a large team of affiliated sales people scattered across the globe, she must often take responsibility for hard decisions that affect the company. This is part of her autocratic style, but she also balances that leadership approach with a more democratic style. In the democratic style, Sonya leans on the talents and experience of many people in her team. With their input, she is able to make informed decisions that benefit the entire team’s work. 

It is perhaps her inspirational leadership attributes that have served her best. In any organization, an inspirational leader has the ability to share goals and aspirations with those he or she leads. The team becomes invested in reaching that goal and works together to achieve it. By inspiring others, Sonya has built her sales team to encompass four countries. That inspiration has also helped her to achieve great heights at Plexus in a relatively short time. 

Inspirational Leadership Events 

Sonya Dudley is eager to share her stories with others. She runs a popular YouTube channel, where she posts videos dissecting leadership traits and techniques for business success. She also spends a considerable amount of time traveling around the country to deliver motivational speeches at events and seminars. In March 2017, Sonya presented her coaching expertise to a rapt audience near Houston, Texas. Her seminar, entitled “Change Your Mindset Houston”, blended motivational and transformational topics. She believes that the cornerstone of success is one’s mindset; that mindset colors all decisions, business actions, and planning efforts. By modifying one’s mindset, he or she can achieve successes never before thought possible. Beginning in June 2017, Sonya will host a series of virtual motivational seminars (more information can be found on her website). Audience members from around the world will be able to attend and to interact with others in the online sessions. Sonya is an expert at helping others take charge of their own futures. Her inspirational work and her leadership abilities have brought her the success she deserves, but it has also empowered thousands of others across the globe.

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