Notable Leadership Conferences of 2017

leadership conferences 2017

Great leaders know that their job is never done. Continually improving the processes and responsibilities of leadership is what helps truly great leaders stand out from the pretenders. One of the greatest ways leaders can learn new skills and develop positive attributes is by attending leadership conferences. Conferences and leadership seminars are designed to allow thought leaders to share their personal stories, share advice, and interact with other leaders in a safe, comfortable environment. By attending these conferences, leaders are able to bring their skills back to the companies for which they work for, helping to improve processes.

Aspiring leaders can also benefit from the networking opportunities leadership conferences present. Not everyone is born as a natural leader, but the skills can be acquired. If one is planning on becoming a leader at his or her company, these conferences can kick-start the leadership process effectively.

There are many such conferences held around the world every year. Here are a few must-attend leadership conferences taking place in 2017.

The Human Gathering: this invitation-only conference takes place in Los Angeles April 6-8, 2017. The conference gathers over 300 of the world’s most influential business leaders and investors. Because of the nature of this conference, much of the speaking lineup is not made public. Attendees can expect three days of intense workshops where they can share ideas, learn new skills, and hone existing skills with their peers.

Leadercast: this event is held on May 5, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia. Leadercast is designed to help leaders take their skills to the next level, providing inspiration and guidance along the way. It is attended by entrepreneurs, business executives, and those who are ready to be reinvigorated in the role of company leader. This year’s speakers include actor/writer Tyler Perry and Daniel Pink, the best-selling author of several influential books on management.

The Strategic Growth Forum: Held in Palm Springs, California from November 15-19, 2017, this four-day event has not yet published a list of speakers or workshops. Attendees from previous years indicate that this is one of the most engaging leadership conferences on the calendar, however, and this year is expected to be no less than excellent. In addition to leadership seminars, the event also includes workshops on entrepreneurship, investor pairings, and awards ceremonies.

World Business Forum: New York City is the host to this annual event, which takes place this year from November 16-17. It brings business leaders and influential industry giants together from all over the world. Speakers on the roster this year include retired Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps, Google’s Abigail Posner, and Stephen Covey celebrated author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Attendees can expect the expansion of knowledge and insightful looks into leadership trends as they mingle with their peers. 


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