James Lacey, Crunchies Food Company Co-Founder - Leadership Spotlight

James P. Lacey Crunchies
Based near Westlake Village, Jim Lacey has enjoyed a long and lucrative career as a guru in all facets of the consumer goods field, particularly snacks and nutritious foods. James has worked alongside numerous standout local and international firms, utilizing his proficiency in sales, advertising, production-enhancing existing companies into market forerunners. He additionally had several years of practical experience establishing his very own companies as a business owner (Healthy Ventures, LLC as well as Co-Founded Crunchies Natural Food Company), working as a business consultant and as a reputable snack food developer.
James Lacey's Crunchies Food Company has easily been his most significant achievement. The Westlake Village, California-based business ascended from meager origins to emerge as a market leader under his top-notch leadership. Crunchies opened as a very small office-based venture in the year 2005. By the year 2014, the firm was the number one freeze-dried packaged snack food business across the world, as cited by Nielson Research. Crunchies had obtained distribution in numerous avenues including mass convenience, drug retailers, club retailers, natural food stores, the military, organic suppliers, and independent health food retailers. Crunchies broadened its product line offerings to 32 different fruit and vegetable snacks and ran a 17,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Westlake Village, California. Among his numerous roles as the outfit's co-founder and CEO, Jim managed daily transactions and created sales and promotion strategies to boost company profits. Using the practical experience he acquired at various snack and nutritional businesses, he was able to take on contract negotiations, merchant sourcing, and licensing/trademark coordination. James eventually sold the company in early 2015.
James Lacey, Westlake Village entrepreneur and lucrative pioneer of brands, ideas, and foods, obtained his education attending Cal Poly in the city of San Luis Obispo. Lacey obtained a Bachelor's degree at the University in 1981. In his schoolwork, he emphasized business management, with a concentration in advertising. This academic training really helped prepare him for the daily obstacles he was bound to deal with throughout his career.

Today, he boasts his newest venture Healthy Ventures, where he focuses on rebuilding and rebranding existing product lines in the natural product industry. Berry Sleepy is Lacey's top project of late, having just recently launched Berry Sleep and Berry Awake natural products and showcasing them at Natural Products Expo West.