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Dr. Karl Anthony Simon - Profiles in Leadership

Throughout his life, Karl Anthony Simon MPAS, PA-C, has exhibited the classic hallmarks of leadership. In his educational journey, his athletic career, and his professional life, Anthony has been a valuable member of every organization with which he has been aligned. To pursue his goals, Anthony Simon applied a combination of passion, drive, and leadership to achieve the successes he enjoys. Today, as a Physician Assistant (PA-C) in the greater Houston area of Texas, Anthony continues to demonstrate leadership both in his professional and personal lives.Athletics LeadershipAnthony Simon is a native of Houston, Texas, and his extended family is from southwestern Louisiana. Sports were an important part of his upbringing and his life; as a Houston native, he and his family are dedicated Houston Astros and Texans fans. Anthony is an active outdoorsman, enjoying hunting and fishing with his wife and three children. SportfishingTogether, they have traveled to some of the most exotic sportf…

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