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Jonathan Ullmer for the 'Leadership Spotlight'

 Jonathan Ullmer, MBE, has been teaching for more than 30 years. As Founding Director of Education and Principals for CATS College, he has devoted his academic and professional career to improving students' educational experience and opportunities. As Founding Director, his excellent leadership brought two schools from an "unsatisfactory" rating to an "excellent" rating. In fact, the UK Inspectors described his leadership style as "outstanding." Throughout his career, Jonathan has received numerous awards and has been published in various periodicals. Academic History  Jonathan studied the English language at prestigious colleges, including Durham and Oxford Universities. He received a Distinction in Teaching Practice before receiving a master's degree from the University of Victoria in Canada.  Further, he has received other diplomas and designations from various other academic institutions. Teaching Career  Jonathan began his teaching ca

Jonathan Ullmer, MBE Leadership Spotlight

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